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  • Restore. Receive. Relax.

    Our wish is that you may receive our Sonic heart medicine.

    That you trust the Breath that lead you to this very moment.

    To All Our Relations

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     Live Replay - June 2020 Solstice Journey: Amma & John

    Live Replay - June 2020 Solstice Journey: Amma & John

    Combining their 40 years of international experience, Amma and John have created an invaluable modality of effective stress release and relaxation. Journey through the elements translated through sacred sounds from around the earth. Immersing with Indigenous masters, shamans & alchemists. The body is held in a sonic field of transmutation, allowing one to unwind and deeply restore the subtle energy body. The breathing techniques amplify the transmutation of dense energy held within the body.
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  • Journey Through the Elements

    with Masterful Sound Therapists

    John Dumas

    Shamanic Dreamtime Therapist

    Through his music, John's sense of commitment to his life's work to inspire love, compassion and unity worldwide continues to evolve. It is John's belief that through the universal language of music; where words are not needed, that the beauty of oneness begins to emerge all over the world.

    Amma Sophia Rose

    Sonic Love Alchemist

    Amma Sophia Rose has studied Sound Alchemy & Breathwork for 9 years internationally. In the stillness, she has found Sound and Breath to have the most profound shift for body, mind & soul. Her modalities are capable of releasing stored trauma, mental imbalances and spiritual stagnation. Her passion is to inspire you to connect to your Divine Source.